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Frequently Asked Questions when using a Car Broker

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How much money can I save with iDeal Cars Automotive Solutions?

Depending on the car you're looking at buying (e.g. year, make, model), it can be from a couple hundred to 10's of

thousands off the RRP. At iDeal Cars Automotive Solutions, we also look to save you money in the long term through whole life savings (e.g. discounts off your service bills, warranties and great finance rates).

Why choose a car broker?

Along with saving you money, a car broker will do all the running around for you. It cuts out the stress and saves you time.


What is so different between iDeal Cars Automotive Solutions and other car brokers?

iDeal Cars Automotive Solutions gives you full visibility with no hidden charges onto the price of your vehicle via the dealer.

There is a small cost for both packages we offer, but it is a small cost compared to other brokers - some charge thousands on your final car price - this is not us! For further information about our service pricing please give us a call.

If you do use another broker, you should ask the dealership how much went onto the price of your car using that broker.

When do I contact a broker from iDeal Cars Automotive Solutions?

When you are ready to purchase or upgrade your next vehicle/s, or in the process of selling your current vehicle, then give

us a call or simply fill in our online contact form - we will respond as soon as possible. iDeal Cars Automotive Solutions are here to facilitate only serious car buyers/sellers.

What if I do not know what car I want to buy, but I am ready to upgrade?

Please fill in our online contact form with your details and explain to us what you don't like about your current car and

what you're looking for in your new car.

We can give you free honest and unbiased advice on the vehicles that would best suit your needs.

Once you have narrowed down your choices, we can arrange a test drive for you.

Can I try to do my own research or negotiate a price with a dealer?

Go ahead and try to negotiate a price if your comfortable, but do not sign anything - come back to us and let us negotiate on your behalf to see if we can save you some more money.

Do I have to go into the dealership?

No. We can arrange a dealer to bring a car out to your home or office for a test drive and all the paperwork can be done electronically these days. As part of our service, we can arrange delivery of your vehicle.

How long before I receive my quote and how long is the quote valid for?

In most cases we can get a quote back to you on the same day, but some can take up to 24 hours. Once quoted, most quotes 

are valid for 7 days.

How long before I can take delivery of my car?

It is dependent on a few things (e.g. if the car is new or used or if it's in stock.) Generally, if a dealer has a car in stock, it's

within 3 working days. We will keep you informed on delivery.

I want to do a trade-in. Can iDeal Cars Automotive Solutions help with that?

No worries - we can help! Fill in the 'Sell My Car form' and we will get you a top price in today's market.

What if I need finance?

Not a problem - our experts have a panel of lenders fighting for your business. We can even get your pre-approved before

you decide to purchase a car. (T.A.P)

Do the vehicles come with a warranty?

All new cars come with a minimum 3 year warranty - some come with up to 10 years or 200,000 kms.

Depending on the make, year and model, most pre - owned vehicles have some sort of warranty whether manufacturer or

dealer warranty.

Does it matter where I live in Australia?

No, not at all. iDeal Cars Automotive Solutions has 100's of reputable car dealers and car groups around Australia that are

ready to earn your business.

What if I want more than just a car?

Let us know what it is your after (car, truck, van, bike, boat, caravan or trailer) and we will try and get you the best possible


How has covid affected the car industry?

Due to increased demand overseas, a shortage of some parts and manufacturers stopping production weeks at a time due to covid outbreaks, some makes and models now have extensive delays.

Popular new car models in Australia can have up to a 10 - 12 month wait time on delivery. However, our dealers will always strive to get you the quickest possible delivery - we will disclose all information to you before you decide on your purchase.

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